Our School

We have Great Urge To Succeed

Swayzee Elementary is one of three elementary schools in the Oak Hill United School Corporation. Swayzee houses all the corporation's 5th and 6th graders. Our classes operate on a 5-period day with students rotating among the five core classes - reading, math, English, science and social studies - taught by five different teachers. During the first hour of the day, students spend 30 minutes in GUTS/homeroom time and 30 minutes in specials classes. The specials classes include computers, art, music, PE and study hall. Students also have the opportunity to take band or orchestra four days a week and choir one day a week.

During the past few years, we have continued to improve, upgrade and increase the technology available to our staff and students. Each student in our building has a Chromebook for daily use to enhance their learning. This is a valuable resource and tool that we feel will help prepare our students with 21st century skills and knowledge as they continue in their school career. Our staff continues to do an excellent job of integrating technology to enhance their lessons.

Swayzee Elementary exhibits many educational features of which its staff, students, parents, and community can be justifiably proud. The warm, caring attitude of the teachers, support staff, and administration, coupled with the supportive attitude of the parents, provides an environment in which students can achieve maximum personal growth.

The staff of Swayzee Elementary is committed to providing each student with the opportunities necessary to maximize their learning potential. Since we believe that this is a shared responsibility between the home and school, the following mission statement has been adopted:

"The mission of Swayzee Elementary School is to work together with the community to empower each student with the knowledge, skills, and high standards that prepare them to be successful, contributing members of a changing global society."

Together Everyone Achieves More