Graduation Requirements

Using the links below, you will find the following information for each graduating class: 
  • Diplomas Offered
  • Quantitative Reasoning Courses
  • Graduation Pathway Requirements: Box 1, 2, 3
  • High School Testing Information
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Course Information
  • Dual Credit Course Information
  • 4-Year Academic Plans
  • Next Level Programs of Study (NLPS) Information (Class of 2025 & Beyond)
  • Student Resource Time (SRT)
  • Directions & Steps to Choosing Your Classes in Skyward
  • OHHS Coursebook Information
  • CTE Concentrator List
  • Senior Recognition Awards for High School Graduation
  • ACT and SAT Information
  • Vocational School Opportunities for Juniors & Seniors
  • Cadet Teaching Opportunities for Juniors & Seniors
  • Indiana Wesleyan University Courses for Juniors & Seniors
  • Work-Based Learning (WBL) Opportunities for Seniors
To find the above information for your graduation year cohort, click on the appropriate link below: 

Class of 2022 Video
Class of 2023 Video
Class of 2024 Video
Class of 2025 Video