The Oak Hill United School Corporation technology department supports a one-to-one technology initiative in grades K-12. Each of our students receives a device to use for the school year, with Grades 5-12 taking their devices home nightly. The technology department has three people on staff, providing technical support to teachers, staff, and students, monitoring hardware and software functionality, and moving other technology initiatives forward every day. 

Device Programs


At Converse Elementary, each student has access to their own iPad for learning. Students are assigned an iPad in kindergarten, which is their device through second grade. These devices are not take-home devices and remain at school in the evenings and summers. Teachers choose educational and meaningful apps, which are downloaded and managed by the technology department. Students in these grade levels use Google Drive and Google Classroom to complete classwork and submit it to their teacher.

The technology department provides technical support to the teachers for any issues that arise with the iPads in the classroom.


Our Sweetser Elementary students use a classroom-issued Chromebook for learning. 

In our 5-12 buildings, each student is assigned a Chromebook for learning. Students receive a new Chromebook in fifth and ninth grades, and the students take home these devices after the school day and during the summers.

Student Chromebook technical support is always available through the student's library. When an issue or damage arises with their device, they should visit the librarian on the following school day to receive assistance. The librarian works with the technology department to ensure that the student's device is repaired and returned to the student. Our schools have loaner device systems in place for students whose devices need to go in for repair.

After four years of Chromebook payment installments, our students own the device, and they will be given directions for taking home their device at the end of 8th and 12th grade. Our 8th graders will receive a brand new Chromebook at the start of 9th grade, to ensure they have a new, fully functioning device to get through the next four years of school. The device becomes the student's device to do with as the family decides.

Technology Staff

Brandt Lynch
Technology Director
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Autumn Howell
Systems and Data Administrator
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