Student Device FAQs

1. What is a Chromebook? 

A Google Chromebook is a laptop with a keyboard and screen, much like a Macbook Pro or Windows laptop. It has its own operating system called Google Chrome OS that is built for speed, ease of use, battery life, and simple management. It has built-in antivirus and updates itself automatically. Learn more here:

2. What is the process for my child to receive their Chromebook?

Both fifth grade and ninth grade students receive their new Chromebooks during the first week of each school year. Students in Grades 6-8 and 10-12 should return on the first day of the school year with their school-issued Chromebook from the previous year.

3. What Internet safety measures are in place on the Chromebooks?

Chromebooks offer schools a unique ability to control many of the settings on all corporation-owned Chromebooks from within the technology department of the school. We will be making best use of these settings, so that the devices are both open to the resources of the web while also kept as safe as possible, as best we can. 

OHUSC currently uses one of the most popular web filtering services in the K-12 marketplace available in the state of Indiana. It is designed specifically for K-12 schools with their needs in mind, so our students are provided with the safest web environment possible while still having access to Internet resources.

4. What can I do as a parent to encourage internet safety at home?

As a parent, you can encourage your students to be responsible digital citizens, practicing the same Internet safety practice they use at school. You can encourage your students to be responsible with their Internet searches, to follow the Internet acceptable use policy they signed, by adhering to the Internet filters placed on their Chromebooks, and to use good judgment in what they publish on the Internet while using their school-owned devices.

5. I would like my student to bring their own device from home. Is this possible?

The Chromebook issued from OHUSC is not optional, and it is required as a classroom supply regardless of personal preference toward another device. In order to maximize learning time and minimize technology troubleshooting time, using the Chromebook across Grades 5-12 is the best solution for our corporation with one single device.

6. We do not have Internet access at home. How will my child complete their schoolwork?

While we do hope that many of our students can make use of a home internet connection, we know that is not always the case. The core functions and services of the Chromebook will allow a student to work offline, then when Internet connection is restored, their work will save to their cloud-based account automatically. There are many secondary web applications that will provide the same functionality as well. 

7. Can my student print from his or her Chromebook?

Chromebooks do have printing capabilities that are a little different than traditional Windows or Mac machines. Oak Hill has disabled these capabilities on our school-issued Chromebooks, to better align with our movement toward becoming a more digital classroom. 

8. What happens after four years of Chromebook use at the end of 8th and 12th grade?

For devices that parents have purchased over the course of four years through textbook rental fees, students' Chromebooks will be released to them in their current condition at the end of their 8th and 12th grade year. Students will be walked through the process of removing their devices from our ownership, so when they walk out on the last day of school, the device is fully owned by your family and no longer has any association, filtering, etc. by Oak Hill United School Corporation.

For returning 8th grade students, they will receive a brand new Chromebook in August of their 9th grade year. This helps keep a fully functioning, current device in the hands of our students.

9. What does my student do with their device over the summer?

For students in all other grade levels, students will take their Chromebook home with them for the summer. Oak Hill does not take responsibility for collecting and keeping these devices for the summer. It is the responsibility of the student to keep the device at their home in a safe place, just like during the school year. Students are expected to bring their devices with them on the first day of school.

10. My student will not be returning to Oak Hill for the next school year. What should we do with the Chromebook?

If you know ahead of time that you will not be returning to Oak Hill for the following school year, your student needs to see the building librarian to return the device, charger, and case.

11. It's summer, and we just found out that my student will be leaving Oak Hill. What do I do with the Chromebook?

If you are leaving Oak Hill and school is out for the summer, please bring the Chromebook, charger, and case to the Oak Hill Administration Office during regular business hours. Learn more about their contact information and hours here:

12. My student is having trouble with their device, and the school is closed. What do we do?

Due to our limited staff during the summer, we do not offer technical assistance or damage repair during the summer. The student should safely store their device for the remainder of summer, then bring the Chromebook with them on the first day of school, where they will need to see the librarian for assistance.
13. I have a specific question not covered here. How can I get my question answered?

We want to ensure that all parents are as informed as possible about our Chromebook device program. If you have a question that has not been answered here, please contact your student's building principal with your question about the Chromebook program.