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About Our School

We are ONE team, with ONE mission, to be our BEST, TOGETHER.

Converse Elementary School is one of five campuses of Oak Hill United School Corporation located in rural southeastern Miami County. The 2004-2005 reconfiguration of the elementary schools resulted in the following Oak Hill configuration of its schools: PK-2, 3-4, 5-6. In 2013, the school board built an addition onto Converse Elementary and brought over all the kindergartners and a special needs preschool classroom. Therefore, we now are the “official” PK-2nd grade school. The present building was built in 1966 with an addition to the building in 1977 and the kindergarten addition in 2013. The elementary building offers the students a comfortable learning environment. Most rooms are carpeted and all have air conditioning. Our classrooms are suitable for various classroom activities. The entire physical plant, minus the new kindergarten addition, was renovated in 2015-2017. We have an updated computer lab that houses 29 computer stations. The students have access to over 7,000 books within the comfortable environment of the school library. Special area classes, such as art, gym, and music, are offered in rooms appropriate for the specific needs. All kindergarten through 2nd grade students receive 30 minutes daily of art, gym, music, library, or computer applications. Students with special education needs are met through a speech and multi-categorical resource room along with inclusion services. Individualized plans specify those students’ educational services.

In 2016-2017, we became a 1:1 device school. Each student has an iPad assigned to them to use throughout their daily instruction from kindergarten through 4th grade. Teachers work hard to utilize technology to enhance daily lessons in a developmentally appropriate way for the early learners.

The enrollment of our pre-kindergarten through second grade students ranges from 360-400 yearly. Approximately 35-40 percent of the enrollment qualifies for free or reduced breakfast and lunch. In 2016-2017, 91 percent of the student population was white, 3 percent multi-racial, 4 percent Hispanic, and 1 percent black. There are 24 certified and highly qualified teachers on staff. The number of educational assistants who support the students is determined by class size, Title One service needs and special education students’ needs.

We welcome tours for any new student or for any family considering Converse Elementary as their school of choice.