Below is an image of the seismic activity recorded by the Oak Hill High School seismic station.
This image is updated around 10 minutes after every hour.

The Oak Hill seismic station is located at 40.5780 latitude, -85.8230 longitude.

If you see seismic activity on this image you can look at the time (UTC)
and go to this site to determine where the seismic activity actually occured.

The vertical red line indicates the hour the data is current to.  
The date of the data is indicated along the right side
The clock shows UTC time when the page was loaded

PPOHH-7062Z4.gif (11970 bytes)

If you have any questions regarding this page or the Oak Hill PEPP seismic station you may contact:

Use this link to go to the Indiana University PEPP Earthquake Institute home page.