State of Sweetser School
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About Our School:


Sweetser Elementary is one of three elementary schools in the Oak Hill United School Corporation. The elementary schools are located in the three communities which comprise the Oak Hill United School District - Converse, Swayzee, and Sweetser.  

Sweetser Elementary has an enrollment of 277 students in grades Kindergarten, third, and fourth, and a staff of 18 certified faculty members and 20 support staff personnel.  Class size ranges from 19-25.  It is a staff that is made-up of a unique mixture of young as well as veteran teachers, all of whom share a genuine concern and dedication for the education and well-being of each and every one of our students. 

The present building was built in 1965, with an addition added in 1978.  In addition to 13 classrooms, the building contains a 30 station computer lab, a separate cafeteria and gymnasium, a library, and music and art classrooms as well. The building is completely air-conditioned and carpeted except for the cafeteria and Nurse's Office. 

In addition to housing students in grades Kindergarten, third, and fourth, Sweetser Elementary also contains a PCE (person centered education) classroom of which contain students from the Grant County Special Education Cooperative as well as students from the Oak Hill United School Corporation. 

All students attend special area classes once per week.  These classes include Physical Education, Music, Art, Computers, and Library.  Each class is 35 minutes.   

Students at Sweetser Elementary are provided with several unique opportunities for educational growth and development.  Each year, all students participate in a 10 day swimming program at the high school.  4th grade students have the opportunity to go to choir 2 days per week.  At the end of the 4th grade year, students are given the opportunity to begin taking orchestra lessons.  Fourth grade students also have the opportunity to audition for the Circle the State Choir. 

During the school year, several students receive remediation in the resource room, which is staffed by a certified teacher and several support staff members.  We also use the Accelerated Math and Reader program, STAR Math and Reading program, Read Naturally and a variety of other remediation programs.  Sweetser also is considered a Title I targeted assisted school or TAS. 



Sweetser Elementary School
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